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360Shield Ceramic Coating Complete Body Protection – What You Need to Know

Advanced technology has revolutionized vehicle safety, systems, and entertainment. With 360Shield Ceramic Coating, vehicle exteriors now reach this elevated level, benefiting from maximum protection thanks to the latest in nano-ceramic technology.

Ceramic coating paint protection products provide superior, long-lasting surfacing that forms a permanent bond. Our 360Shield Ceramic Coating contains a unique molecular coupling agent that chemically bonds to the clear coat surface. Fusing at the molecular level, it creates a hydrophobic coating delivering an amazing gloss and ultimate protection to all automotive exterior surfaces against contaminants and common environmental damages.

Benefits include:

  • Automotive Body Protection
  • Glass Protection
  • Chrome Protection
  • Plastic Molding Protection
  • Rubber Trim Protection
  • Hydrophobic Finish
  • UV Blocker
  • Super Shine Enhancement
  • Exceptional Durability

360Shield Ceramic Coating provides protection to surfaces left unprotected by traditional paint sealants. Extremely durable and water-resistant, ceramic coating creates a barrier that scares off water droplets (the “hydrophobic” effect), causing them to bead up and roll off the vehicle rather than sticking to surfaces.

This professional coating delivers an amazing gloss and provides maximum protection against:

  • UV Rays
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Droppings
  • Industrial Fallout
  • Bugs
  • Grime
  • Tree Sap
  • Other Surface Contaminants

A professionally applied ceramic coating bonds with paint and will not wash away. The sleek, high-gloss finish prevents dust buildup, repels water, and easily wipes clean. Extremely durable, ceramic coating can last several years, comparing favorably to paint sealant that may last only a matter of months.