Dealer Owned Finance Captive (DOFC)

Participation doesn’t end at F&I products

Participation — in both your F&I products and as a financing company — gives you the control, access to capital, and resilience to weather any obstacles we may face in the future (global pandemics, recessions, and shifts in the industry, to name a few).

There is no greater power than control.

Having the freedom to keep all reserves and profits, gain access to capital, and develop fully customizable products is essential to the success of a DOWC. What to do with the millions in premium generated by DOWC? That’s where a DOFC comes in. With a Dealer Owned Finance Captive (DOFC), you fund your own car deals. This is decentralized auto finance, plain and simple, and through a DOFC, dealers have the power to fully control their own interest rates and finance products.


With a DOFC, you are no longer at the mercy of the banks. You set your own rates and terms, which means that you can offer your customers more competitive financing options than ever before.

Customers have the option to lease a car without going through a traditional bank or third-party lender. It’s a one-stop shop for all your customer’s financing needs.

DOFCs also offer tax benefits:
Auto lessors benefit from EV tax credits, trade-in tax credits, and fleet depreciation. This is exactly why we do DOFCs—so you can gain financial freedom.

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