Administration of your HVAC Contractor Owned Warranty Company

With over a decade of warranty administration in the automotive space, DOWC is bringing its expertise to helping you, the HVAC contractor, realize the same tax and wealth-building benefits that come with owning your own reinsurance or contractor-owned warranty company. 

Financial opportunity begins with selling HVAC service agreements that will extend your relationship with your customers. You provide valuable extended coverage for the products customers purchase from you, connect them directly back to your business for any service needs, and help protect them from the high cost of unexpected repairs.

Becoming the owner of the company that administers those service agreements allows you to reap an even greater reward from each sale of an HVAC product, system, or service. You put yourself in a position to own, control, and direct the funds from your service agreement sales while also taking advantage of tax benefits that most U.S. insurance and warranty companies are legally provided.   

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