PaymentShield™: Financial Protection When Customers Need It Most

Job loss can happen without warning and often result in immediate impacts on customers’ personal or household finances. Car loan or lease payments could quickly become a source of financial strain without regular income. But losing access to one’s vehicle would present an entirely new set of unwelcome challenges.

Helping your customers protect their investment and ability to keep their vehicle when difficult circumstances arise is crucial. That’s where DOWC’s PaymentShield program comes in.

In the unfortunate event that a customer loses their job due to covered circumstances, including pandemics, PaymentShield provides reimbursement of loan or lease payments for up to six months.*

PaymentShield is available for new vehicles that are leased or purchased, as well as for loans on used cars.


PaymentShield is a benefit provided by the selling dealer.  

When a vehicle is purchased or leased, the customer is automatically made eligible for a predetermined maximum total PaymentShield benefit set by the selling dealer. 

For example, a maximum total benefit of $5,000 would allow: 

For a base vehicle payment set at $799/month, a monthly reimbursement for the entire payment could be issued for up to 6 months ($799 x 6 = $4,794). 

For a payment amount of $899/month, a monthly reimbursement for the entire payment could be issued for up to 5 months, with $505 applied toward a 6th month’s payment ($899 x 5 = $4,495 + $505 = $5,000). 

For a payment amount of $999/month, reimbursement could be issued for the entire payment for up to 5 months ($999 x 5 = $4,995). 

Note that the customer must be current on payments and provide proof of payment(s) made to be eligible for reimbursement. Some additional restrictions will apply, and proof of employment at the time of the vehicle lease/purchase, as well as proof of job loss, are required.

The key to resilience is the ability to overcome adversity. Working with your valued customers to put protection in place today is a smart way to help them safeguard against unexpected challenges that may arise tomorrow.

PaymentShield offers financial relief … and cash in hand … when it is needed most.


* Reimbursement is subject to maximum benefit and other terms and conditions of the contract. Reimbursement amount does not include finance charges, late charges, delinquent payments, deferred payments, uncollected service charges, refundable prepaid taxes and fees, and/or penalty fees owed by the customer on the date of employment loss.